Zombie Arm Back Scratcher

Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

Back scratch. OF DEATH! This zombie back scratcher is sure to turn some heads when you pull it out to relieve an itch. This fantastic back scratcher shaped like a rotting zombie arm is hand-crafted, well designed and sturdy. Lets (More…)

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Skeleton Hand Bracelet

Skeleton Hand Bracelet

If you’ve always wanted an exoskeleton, this bracelet is for you. This skeleton hand wraps around your wrist and each finger has a ring. Stretches to fit your hand. (More…)

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Zombie Brain Jello Mold

Brain Jello Mold

Mmmmm…. Braaaaains! Mold young zombie minds in this spooktacular green brain jello mold. The plastic mold measures 9″ x 7-3/8″ x 3″ deep and even comes with recipes on the box. Great for Halloween and other spooky occasions. (More…)

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Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

minecraft foam pickaxe

This full size Minecraft foam pickaxe is an instabuy for any Minecraft fan. Replicating the stone pickaxe from the game Minecraft, and as suggested by its name the pickaxe is made of sturdy EVA foam, it is likely to withstand (More…)

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3D Halloween Skull Cake Pan

3D Halloween Skul -Pan

This 3D skull cake pan can make a real impact at a Halloween party. This pan will turn out perfect skulls every time, thanks to its heavyweight cast aluminum that conducts heat evenly. You can get really creative and add (More…)

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