Electric Guitar Shirt

epic electric guitar shirt

An electric guitar built right into your shirt! Get a little wearable ROCK magic with this awesome tshirt. The Electronic Guitar Shirt is not a toy that plays pre-canned musical riffs, it is a real musical instrument that allows you (More…)

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Gangnam Style Shirt

gangnam style shirt

“Gangnam Style” is a Korean song written by Korean singer Psy. The song became a huge hit worldwide during September 2012 and received many parodies, internet memes and imitations. The meaning of “Gangnam Style” is actually a Korean term associated (More…)

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Lion Tshirt

Epic Lion Tshirt

This epic lion t-shirt features a screen print graphic of a lion face, which quite frankly, to us looks AWESOME. The shirt is hand dyed, and is made out of 100% cotton. As an added bonus, the manufactures states (More…)

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Looking For A Japanese Girlfriend

looking for a Japanese girlfriend tshirt

This best selling T-shirt is the perfect gift for those with a passion for the Japanese culture , and who would like to attract Japanese girls in a funny and clever way. It features text that reads “Now accepting Japanese (More…)

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