Cocktail Chemistry Set

Cocktail Chemistry Set

The Chemistry Cocktail set is a home bar set made for geeks who like mixing drinks (that’s us!). So, put on your lab coat and black rimmed protection glasses, and start creating your concoctions for the enjoyment of you and your guests. This is by far the coolest looking cocktail set we have seen in a while, it will definitely be a great conversation piece at any house party. The set comes with two glass beakers, one glass flask, one shaker-shaped plastic drink container with base, strainer and lid, and comes with a glass stir stick and metal holding rack. The items in the set come with various exterior warning markings, that mimic the chem-lab experience.

Chemistry Cocktail Set

  • Chemistry-themed cocktail set helps create a festive experience for party, holiday, and personal entertainment
  • Four drinking and mixing containers include two beakers, one flask, and one shaker-shaped vessel
  • Metal holding rack contains drink vessels to prevent spilling and provide organization
  • Two 2-ounce glass beaker-shaped containers help with beverage mixing
  • Glass stir stick and martini shaker with base, strainer, and lid help the host mix pretend potions and other artful or quasi-scientific drink inventions

What’s in the Box?

  • (2) 2-ounce Beaker-shaped containers
  • (1) Flask-shaped container
  • (1) Shaker-shaped container with base, strainer, and lid
  • (1) metal holding rack
  • Glass stir stick
  • Multiple blue-colored LED lights