Invisible Umbrella

Invisible Air Umbrella

An umbrella is such an old-fashioned concept, that its really a wonder that no tech-minded company ever really tried to design a high-tech modern version of it. Designers Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon Sung did just that – they designed an umbrella that is minimalistic yet extremely techy. The umbrella is in fact , invisible. The portable rod allows you to create an air canopy that is supposed to to divert the rain drops to the sides and prevent the holder from getting wet.

The way it works is pretty simple, the hollow rod sucks air from the bottom and then blows it out from the top to create a canopy of air. You can control the length of the rod and size of the air canopy, here’s an illustration that explains the concept:

how the air umbrella works

 Air Umbrella 

Air umbrella concept

Unfortunately the air umbrella is still just a concept design at this point, but if it ever gets manufactured, you can definitely count on us to be one of the first to buy and try it out!