Zombie Family Car Stickers

Zombie Family Car Stickers

These zombie family car stickers are our favorite play on the stick figure family car decals phenomena. Featuring a set of 9 undead family members, including family pets! The stickers are made of clear vinyl and are intended for sticking (More…)

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WTF? Rubber Stamp

wtf rubber stamp

This a a self-inking red office rubber stamp that says “WTF?”. For those moments where you are confronted with something  that makes absolutely no sense to you. There’s no better way of expressing your bewilderment than stamping a big, red, (More…)

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Magic Wand TV Remote

Magic Wand TV Remote

The magic wand tv remote control gives you the opportunity to feel what its like to be a wizard, in the comfort of your own home. With 13 different gestures to perform actions such as turning the tv on or (More…)

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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

dr who screwdriver

The DR Who sonic screwdriver It is a multi-functional tool used by The Doctor in the British sci-fi series Doctor who. Its most common function is that of a lockpick, but can be used to perform other operations such as (More…)

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Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

minecraft foam pickaxe

This full size Minecraft foam pickaxe is an instabuy for any Minecraft fan. Replicating the stone pickaxe from the game Minecraft, and as suggested by its name the pickaxe is made of sturdy EVA foam, it is likely to withstand (More…)

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Zombie Brain Cookie Jar

Zombie head brains cookie jar

Mmmmm, bra… err, cookies! Are you feeling hungry all of the sudden? Just crack open this zombie head cookie jar, reach inside and grab some delicious cookies. Or brains, if you’re a zombie. This awesome cookie jar would look great (More…)

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Portal Wheatley Flashlight

portal wheatley flashlight

While Wheatley might not have been the brightest personality core in the bunch, this collectible portal flashlight sure is. Just like the real Wheatley, this flashlight will come in handy as you try escape a darkened testing facility. On top (More…)

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Gangnam Style Shirt

gangnam style shirt

“Gangnam Style” is a Korean song written by Korean singer Psy. The song became a huge hit worldwide during September 2012 and received many parodies, internet memes and imitations. The meaning of “Gangnam Style” is actually a Korean term associated (More…)

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Pig & Piglets USB Hub

pig and piglets usb hub

This Pig & Piglets USB Hub is a concept design by “We Play God”. The pig is basically a USB hub, while the adorable little piglets are the flash drives. This quirky design probably has people lining up to buy (More…)

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Star Wars Force Glove

star wars force glove

Want to unleash your inner Jedi? With this glove you can (well, sorta) use THE FORCE to move objects without touching them! The glove utilizes a puck-shaped magnet embedded in the palm to repel or attract objects based on polarity (More…)

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